Best Sanitizer Company Shares in India

The demand for hand sanitizer post-covid-19 has increased tremendously. Most of the Indian best companies started to figure out the need for hand sanitizer. Here are some of the best sanitizer company shares available in India to trade.

We will evaluate the sanitizer companies and the fundamentals that can help you invest in certain sanitizer-making companies. Well, in the stock market, nobody can tell the best entry and exit levels to buy shares. Still, we recommend you the best shares to buy in the industry which can give you higher returns in long term.

Sanitizer Company Shares List:

  • DCM Shriram: The stock price of DCM SHRIRAM is trading at Rs.683. It has shown decent growth in share price in the last five years. The stock offers good dividend returns. The current price is less than its intrinsic value. Good time to consider the stock is not in the overbought zone. From my point of view, DCMSHRIRAM can go beyond the 1000 level in long term.
  • Godrej Consumer Products: The stock price of GODREJCP is trading at Rs. 818. During the last 5 years, the stock price has almost doubled. The current price is more than its intrinsic value, but the stock is not in an overbought zone. One can consider buying at the current market price for the target of Rs.1050.
  • ITC: Savlon hand sanitizer by ITC. The current market price of ITC shares is Rs.209. The ITC shares have the calibre to perform in a long time. This stock has been generating better returns on equity than bank FD. The current price is lesser than the intrinsic value. Good time to buy as stock is not in an overbought zone. Buy recommend at CMP for target Rs.400 in the longer term.

The above-recommended sanitizer stock can be kept hold in the portfolio. Stay tuned with us for more live updates.


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