Best Stocks Picks For Short Term Gains

In a high volatile market stocks picks for short term gains is very difficult. To select a best stock for short term benefit is a very tough task to do. So I am sharing few best stock picks for a reasonable returns for T+5 trade.

Go buy Reliance Industries Ltd at CMP Rs 1420 for T+5 with a trailing stoploss Rs 1399 for short term target 1510. Reason why i pick this stock for short term because from its recent Rs1600 high it has been corrected to Rs 1415. So one can expect a pull back rally for short term gains.

Buy Indusind Bank Ltd at CMP Rs 420 for T+5 with a trailing stoploss Rs 410 for a short term target Rs 455. This stock picks for high risk bearer for high short term gains. As Banking sector showing weakness due to to EMI moratorium still I find a good pick for short term rally.

Buy Vedanta Ltd at CMP Rs 88 for T+5 with a trailing stoploss Rs 85 for a short term target Rs 99. As Vedanta LTD is on news to get delisted soon from the stock market all due non-profitability since long. But whichever stock is on news headlines one should take risk for short term gains.

Buy Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) at CMP Rs 2020 with trailing stoploss Rs 1980 for a short term target Rs 2110. Reason everyone find bearish for FMCG sector there one should go buying for short terms gains. As HUL is a long term portfolio stock of mine since long.


Hi i am Samiran Debnath Admin of this website. I am Financial Advisor by profession build client portfolio in stock market and Mutual Fund. I help people to dematerilise physical shares into electronic mode opening demat account. Help clients to choose best insurance policy for them. I love sharing my views on stock market and the benefits investing in SIP and Mutual Funds.

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