Best Stocks to Buy at Peak Market 2021

There is ample of opportunity to built portfolio buying quality stocks even at peak market. Frontline stocks or you can say nifty stocks might not provide as much of returns in coming weeks and month. Due to fear of rising corona cases and fresh lockdown implementation on certain states of the nation.

But if we look at the pharma sector, a healthy correction was seen across the pharma stocks recently. Here one could go for an investment buying diagnostics healthcare based stocks and top medicine manufacturer company stocks. In this post here few stocks I would take name best buy deals for your portfolio.

DrReddy: DrReddy share price has corrected almost 1000 points from its all-time high, trading near 4500 intraday. One could buy this share for good returns. In long run DrReddy continuously generating wealth for their shareholders every year. I believe more than 2000 points from current market price can be achieved in coming quarters.

AstraZeneca : AstraZeneca share price has corrected almost 2000 points from its all-time high, trading near 3200 intraday. Buy near 3050-3100 and hold this share for long run for 2000 points up from the current market price. 5250 would be an ultimate target for long term investment.

GlaxoSmithKline: Glaxo share price has corrected almost 400 points from its all-time high, trading near 1440 intraday. Buy around 1380-1400 and hold for long term returns of 500 points upside from the current market price. The ultimate target for GSK would be around 1950 so have patience and look for dips to buy.


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