Buy ICICIPRULI from CMP for 30% Gains

Buying bank and financial stocks was a hit recommendation so far from us. And now we are going to recommend insurance based company shares for a long term returns. None other than ICICI PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED, in short it is ICICIPRULIFE.

During Covid-19, the importance of insurance we came to know well. The negligence of buying insurance for us and family was still exist before Covid-19. Weather it is Life Insurance, Health Insurance or Accidental Insurance, simply we hesitate to invest a part of our earnings in Noble cause. Because a human tendency is to linger investing on futuristic service. The most common says is the importance we give to something when the situation worsen happens.

Taking an advantage of such dilemma disease named Corona Virus, few insurance agents or sales representative of the certain company bringing good number of fresh business in all aspects. And the journey for insurance company has started smoothening the business. The hesitation in buying insurance product has reduced through out the nation. From here an investor can predict the profitability quarterly results year on year in coming days with rising insurance demand.

Normally, if a company progress report profit at every quarter basis, then the demand for the specific stocks would rise by retail participant as well as a big institutional fund house. Today ICICIPRULI share close at positive note near about 3.5% intraday gains. Still there is a room for an investor for 30% gain buying icici prudential life insurance Co ltd at cmp 449 keeping an eye on company business progress.


Hi i am Samiran Debnath Admin of this website. I am Financial Advisor by profession build client portfolio in stock market and Mutual Fund. I help people to dematerilise physical shares into electronic mode opening demat account. Help clients to choose best insurance policy for them. I love sharing my views on stock market and the benefits investing in SIP and Mutual Funds.

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