Nifty Buy or sell? What to do in this situation?

In the last couple of days, the Nifty index traded at a flat rate, clueless about the stagnation, whether to buy or sell nifty at the current situation. Here in this forum, we will discuss the nifty range-bound strategy in which traders and investors can take steps accordingly.

The lockdown and shutdown initiatives bringing money into the stock market. FIIs and DIIs putting money and pulling out money periodically as per their profits. Many retailers are waiting for a correction to buy some valuable stocks and index too. But we are seeing a range-bound trading session. To earn some decent money you need to take risks in this market. Look for sector-wise trading like metals, FMCG, paints, sugar, automobiles, etc.

Let us come to the point, Nifty trading zone at April Series was 14200-14800, then the trading zone went up to 14500-15100 at the end of the April Series. Now in the May series the Nifty range bound would be 14500-15500. The crucial support for Nifty is 14500 and resistance levels at 15500. In the coming weeks and months, we believe to see such levels.

Investors who are looking for investment can look for the market leader shares. Go with HDFC, HDFC Bank, Maruti-Suzuki, TCS, HCL-Tech, Adani Ports, BataIndia. These are the random stock picks from us which can touch an all-time high once again in a shorter period. Stay tuned with us for more live updates, happy trading.

Disclaimer: This is the assumption what we see ahead in the market, stop loss, and profit booking is all depend upon the traders and investors completely.


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