Buy Vodafone Idea Ltd Share for long term investment gains

As we all know, in telecom sectors there is a tough competition between rivalries. To attract more subscribers, telcos introduces new unique combo voice-data plan in an attractive price. Recently, Vodafone has launched a new REDX plan for postpaid users with load of free subscriptions features available.

But TRAI has interrupted Vodafone to launch a new postpaid plan for the timings. As rivalries lodged a complaint against the plan. In trial Vodafone said to provide abetter service apart from prepaid, they are focusing on premium postpaid plan adding extra benefits on paid apps subscription and high speed data experience. To avoid monopoly in the telecom sectors, TRAI have approved the plan and gave interim relief allowing Vodafone to explore new REDX postpaid plan.

Vodafone REDX postpaid rental fees is Rs.1099. In addition to this scheme, it gives free Amazon Prime subscriptions worth ₹999 for first year. Netflix subscriptions vouchers upto ₹5899 for TV and smartphone and lots more. Details on data, voice, SMS was not updated.

The shares price of Vodafone Idea Ltd has beaten down drastically in correspondence of revenue falls. Reliance Jio has completely took over the game with its new innovative long term views by giving higher data limit in cheaper price. A huge blow on business was seen in Voda-Idea from last few years.

The management of Voda-Idea showing some positive intention of survival in telecom sector paying AGR dues at every intervals, 8k crore has been paid so far. If TDSAT and TRAI allow them to breathe, I am sure monopoly in the telecom market will not be seen. And this will be a positive signs for mobile data users.

I would recommend buy Idea Cellular (Voda-Idea) share for long term investment gains.


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