Corona Virus Fear can Create World War

It would be a wrong assuming Corona Virus fear can create a World War. But we never know anything could be possible at this time. Slowing down Economy and GDP pace of the nation can create revenge factor across to the enemy country.

Currently, United States is getting hit badly with Covid-19 in death numbers as well as unemployment. Few Corporates stood up their hands with the lock down process. If the world richest country U.S start collapse with the hazardous virus definitely World War can take place in between.

US President Donald Trump started banning Chinese instrument, app and products slowly. Recently he banned TIKTOK Videos app which is a funny making video apps. The reason behind the TikTok app ban in United States is simple to prevent making funny videos during pandemic situation.

And even he stopped pay World Health Organization annual contribution made by them for the welfare of the people every year. Because WHO can stop spreading Corona Virus at rapid speed if it have alert it earlier.

Well this shows or we can say indicates that some major steps against few country could be charged up very soon. This is just my assumptions, at this time no one would try to risk to get more damage to the economy creating World War.


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