Cycling is Bad for the Economy

Hilarious but true too Sanjay Thakrar, CEO at Euro Exim Bank Ltd. got economists thinking when he said : A cyclist is a disaster for the country’s economy – He does not buy the car & does not take car loan – Does not buy car insurance – Does not buy Fuel – Does not send his car for servicing & repairs – Does not use paid Parking – Does not become Obese – Yes,…..and well, damn it !!

Healthy people are not needed for economy. They do not buy drugs. They do not go to Hospitals & Doctors. They add nothing to country’s GDP. On the contrary, every new McDonald outlet creates at least 30 jobs – 10 Cardiologists, 10 Dentists, 10 weight loss experts apart from people working in McDonald outlet. Choose wisely: A Cyclist or a McDonald ? Worth thinking.

PS. Runners are even worse. they do not even buy a bicycle.


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