Effect in Stock Market Post US Elections 2020 – Trump vs Biden

Just two more days left for US election, which will be held on 03/11/2020. The nominated candidates for US President is Donal Trump and JoeBiden. Both the rivalry will be an excited to get as much of vote from the so called public. The whole world is also waiting eagerly to know the results of United States election 2020.

The former US President Trump is giving his best to keep his position in tact. On the other hand, a strong blow speech is coming back from the opposition party (Biden) to buy a new position sit in White House. Few promises has been done by Trump and Biden for welfare of the country if they got selected as a president in 2020 US election.

The former president Donald Trump has done a wonder for their country in his ruling period, like limiting corporate tax, giveaway stimulus package, provided liquidity in the stock market. Yes, he is a person of an open minded he speaks or tweets what he likes.

But before US election there seems a high volatile in the stock market. Few investors are in sideways thinking of market crash if Trump loose. But my point of view is whoever wins the election, in November series an investor can expect a new high in the stock market whether it is a DowJones, Nifty or Banknifty. Please comment below who will win US election 2020 – Trump or Biden?


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