How to Earn Money from the Stock Market

There is no easy ways or shortcut to earn money in human life. Either you have to work hard or street smart work to earn money. Quick money can be earned in lottery but it all depends upon the luck, chances are more to loose rather than gains.

Well lots of people want to earn money from the Financial Stock Market. During the current pandemic lockdown period for Corona Virus its a golden chance to learn stock market investment and trade. How can one earn money from stock market.

To be an expert you need to cover some technical courses regarding Financial Market. In which one can find easy to understand about the Corporates presence in the stock market. How Corporate Shares get listed in Share Market. Index Derivatives studies and lots more.

To be a fact investing money in stock market you don’t need to be a Warren Buffet or a technical analysis. Being a Financial Advisor since decade I help my client built their portfolio in Stock market as well as in Mutual Funds too. Even i make them purchase a good Insurance Policy with higher benefits in terms of return.

For start up or investment in stock market one should have a Demat Account from the respective Brokerage Firm. You can prefer me to open a demat trading account for your reference if needed at giving your details.

For the beginners to earn money from the stock market may be a difficult task as someone has to picks a valuable stock for their investment. The strategy making is more important in an Entry and Exit Level. As a human we can predict Country Richest Person name Companies to invest in at initial stage. In India one can blindly look at for Reliance Industries Ltd, TCS, INFOSYS, Hindustan Unilever etc which is India’s most re-known company since decade.

Above mentioned company stocks if some beginners used to buy at small quantity as per their risk can judge the benefits in investing money in stock market can give a higher returns than Bank FD. You can check my earlier articles comparison between Bank FD vs Shares Returns in longer period.

Before investing in any stock you need to check the past history records how well the company has performed. In last 5 years a particular company shares price was trading at what price compare to recent current market price. Few ideas you can get from it how much high one shares went up from last five years. Or you can check 52 weeks high and 52 weeks low these can help you most as a beginners.

But there are number of shares available which Share price is lower compare to some Profit making Corporates. But you should differentiate why such shares trading below minimum price because at every quarter they have shown negative results in which stake holders dump shares at every possible price. Example you can take DishTv, VodafoneIdea, DHFL once upon a time they were trading above Rs 100 per share now they were available below Rs 10.

Decision making in stock market is important rather than randomly picking up the shares in hope there is a liquidity available i can sell my holding share at any point of time. These kind of mental approach might give loss at every interval of your trading session. So avoid taking wrong decisions hire some expert dealer or Financial Advisor like me who can guide you buy quality stocks.

Do you know most of the new account holders incur loss in intraday share trading. Greed is the most evil in the stock market which can wipe out your entire invest in a one go. If you want to learn intraday trading buy shares in MIS in small quantity so that if the share price comes down the loss can be less which is manageable.

Indian stock market opens at 9:15Am to 3:30 Pm. You can place order before opening market that is called Pre-Market starts from 9.00AM to 9.08Am. If you think some particular share can go high after opening the market you can place order in Normal or Market in Premarket session in above mentioned time.

Every day you can learn a lessons in trading sessions from your mistake and also from your good take. Try avoid mistake in future trade and discipline is most needed in stock market. I hope my articles might help you a little in reading.

Stay tune for more live updates in Equity Market, Intraday Stock Picks, Corporate Results and more.


Hi i am Samiran Debnath Admin of this website. I am Financial Advisor by profession build client portfolio in stock market and Mutual Fund. I help people to dematerilise physical shares into electronic mode opening demat account. Help clients to choose best insurance policy for them. I love sharing my views on stock market and the benefits investing in SIP and Mutual Funds.

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