Today is the last day for the financial year of 2019-2020. I am expecting Indian stock market to close in positive note. Nevertheless we can’t predict the market moves it’s all about sentiments running stock market. Yesterday Nifty Index close in red indicates huge selling done in all sectors.

I can say until and unless the fear Corona Virus don’t go away there must be a fear among investors. Some has a habit to buy they can’t change their rules even in a bears market. Picking valuable stock at a reasonable price or you can say in through away price.

Well I think Nifty Index support level will be 8300 with upside 8900. If nifty sustain 8300 we can see a pull back rally in the market. If it breaches the support levels then straight away it can come near second resistance 8000 following by 7900 r3.

Stock picks intraday : Drreddy, Cipla, HDFC Bank, TCS.

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