Maruti Suzuki India Ltd Share Can Break its 52 Weeks Low

As per the chart says the Maruti Suzuki India Ltd share can deep down more from its 52 Weeks Low Rs.4000 from the current market price. Maruti Share price is trading at Rs. 5050 with margin one rupee positive from the previous close.

Whatever boost up stimulus package comes from the Indian Government to prevent panic among the share holders. I think the Maruti Share will plunge to 4K levels again. As per the chart it can deep below 4000 this time as per the current situation negativity around.

Its a clear to all avoid Auto Sector for the timing no sales from last 1.5 month. Revenue declining the nervousness among the Stock market its too high at this moment. To be fact Maruti Suzuki India Ltd share can plunge to its 3 years low near Rs 3000 level might be seen in coming days.

So be alert with your investment on Maruti Shares . This is my assumptions in Stock market no one can be perfect in terms of target. As per my experience in short term the given above levels might be seen. Stay tune with us for more live updates on Equity Cash Market and Futures Derivatives.


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