Nifty Call & Put Writers Position for 1st April 21

It is very exciting to trade the index options on the expiry day. Writers book profit and loss according to their positions. On the opposite side, small traders pay a premium to buy options. So it is important to know the support and resistance levels of nifty futures along with open interest data, especially on weekly expiry.

As per the data chart, Nifty would not close below 14500 nor above the 14900 levels on 1st April 2021. There seem huge call writers standing on 15000ce (92364 oi), 14900ce (39774 oi), 14800ce (43423 oi), 14700ce (36821 oi). It signifies the nifty would be in the range-bound upside capped.

Now coming to the put writers open interest data and the maximum downside to being expected on expiry. At 14500pe there stand (48604 oi) contracts, 14600pe (38215 oi), and at 14700pe (32352 oi) which means downside is limited too. 14500 would be a strong intraday support for the 1st April 21 weekly expiry.

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