Nifty Futures Predictions Intraday Target

Well now everyone is confused whether to go with long position or short. Nifty Index giving movement on both sides which intraday traders finding difficult to take position. So to help you I am sharing views on Nifty Futures Predictions target for Intraday.

Nifty 50 Future prediction is very tough now to decide. But I can say keeping eye on global market one should go short on Nifty Futures for immediate target of 9000 following by 8900. Once this level comes, cover your short position immediately. As I said market is moving on both side and volatile is very high.

Once Nifty breach 9000 levels followed by an above levels. We can expect a reverse rally for 200 points up for 9150. This time Nifty Futures will confuse you not going up above 9200. In bear market always look for shortsell at every rise. And don’t expect Nifty Futures will touch 52 weeks high in short period. After Q2 Fy20-21 one can expect for new heights, for the timing play with certain levels.

It is advise to trade Nifty using Options instrument because Nifty Options premium can be affordable for all and risk will be in range for paid options premium. If once goes wrong on predicting Nifty price then using stoploss one can cut position as per their risk captive.

So buy Nifty 9000 put options which is available at 130 levels for a target 175. Trail your stoploss according to enjoy more benefits out of it. If one find high premium then go for 8900pe which is available at Rs 90 with 20 points up target.

Important always keep stoploss in trading, to be a perfectionist on trading one should go with stoploss on every trade to minimise loss. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for latest strategy on Nifty and Banknifty Index.


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