Nifty Index Fall in 2020 by 35 Percent

A biggest stock market crash witness in 2008. After 12 years global recession has begun in 2020 worldwide. Economy slowdown, Corona Virus, 21 days Lock down hit Nifty Index fall by 35% in 2020 at no time

Foreign institution investors pulling money back from Indian Stock cash segment market in a hurry. Domestic Investors couldn’t cope up to FIIs in terms of buy. Lots of company has shutdown operations and the manufacturing company is getting a worst hit by lock down process.

Nifty Index Crash in 2020

Few small corporates employer started firing employees due to slowdown business in which unemployment taking place. Daily wages people got beaten badly with the lock down process for Covid-19.

The fear around and the global weak down witness a huge down fall in Nifty Index. Nifty Stocks were brutally beaten down, the top 10 companies market cap eroded in a huge crores. These are the things which gives you hint where the economy is heading towards.

Nifty Index hit all time high 12400 from there it started falling to 8000 levels which is by 35% Nifty Index down from its peak in 2020. Now the think is how much fall is still pending in Nifty Index and also across the global Index too.

The quick the vaccine for Covid-19 comes out by any research laboratory. The fast a negative sentiment would disappear from the stock market by welcoming a bull run rally. By the way, the market was looking for such a scenario from where it can give a healthy corrections.

Well I wish everything would get in track soon. For a fresh investment its an opportunity to buy bluechip shares for long term gains. And you can check my earlier post where i suggest few small cap stock picks for 2020.

Stay tuned with us for more live updates.


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