Stock picks for short term gains in volatile market

In such volatile market, stock picks for short term gains is quite difficult. The selection of the shares is more important in bear market. To trade safe and to take advantage of Index movement one should go with the market trends. Well few selected stocks which i am going to share for short term gains and for T+5 trade.

Maruti: Its a high beta stock who gives 200-300 points up and down intraday. As Maruti stock is available at Rs 4730 down by Rs 370 from its previous close Rs 5100. Support level for Maruti is around 4670 and stoploss should be kept around 4650 with an upside target 4900.

Asian Paint: Buy asianpaint stock around Rs 1500 for target Rs 1545 and keep stoploss at Rs 1490. Asianpaint came down rapidly from Rs 1800 levels. Lockdown hampered business productivity all around still i suggest to buy in bear market.

HdfcLife: During Lockdown Insurance business was not affected much from it. And insurance is a sector who can boost economy in coming days due to novel coronavirus effect keeping eye on it. Buy HdfcLife at Rs 473 for short term target Rs 490 and stoploss Rs 465.

These are the stocks one can go buy for T+5 trading purposes.


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