Temporary Stock Market Rally can be End Up Soon

Do you think a short upside trends can witness strength ahead on May series. The huge gap ups and downs on index making a bearish chart pattern sentiments. A temporary stock market rally can be end up soon if the large fund house backend by government show less participation in this month.

A huge sell of in cash market by FIIs and DIIs continuosly is in process. Health issues and economy slow down creating a bad phase of recession. To support econony government is coming up with a Stimulus package for corporates and banking sector to help breathe for the timings atleast.

People at all income levels can feel the impact for coming 6 months atleast. Less or no income individuals can feel heat on spending less money. These are the factors which can leads a panic sell off all around the Dalal street.

Never expect a ‘V’ shaped recovery in such negative markets. Greed and fear might find place difficult particularly in the bearish stock market. A new ‘W’ shaped recovery is expected to see in coming days. As per the Warren Buffett cash is king and patience plays a key role to sucess.

Those who want to invest money in the stock market at current scenario for them I advice utilise every dips to buy stock in smaller quantities. Take less risk, keep cash reserve, wait for dips to buy stocks at cheaper price.

Well the financial market shall hover between March low and April Highs for the coming 6 months. Strength all over the sectors seems weaker so it might take some time to settle before it jump to touch it’s 52 weeks high.


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