Top Shares to Buy for Short Term Gains

Now market is on oversold zone few speculators believe correction in Nifty Index is still pending. As per the data collections some say Nifty Index would may come to 6000 taking current situation Corona Virus into consideration. Now Nifty index live trading at 8600. IT, OMC, Bank and Metal company providing support.

As per the data yesterday on 30th March 2020 FII sold shares cost of Rs.4363 in order to support DII Buy Stock of Rs.3550. Comparison to Foreign Investors our Domestic Investors couldn’t cope with the margin buy.

Hence there is a golden opportunity for investor to buy stock at a lower price. Taking example of Reliance Industries Ltd whose share price was Rs.1600 with Nifty Crash 2020 effect of Corona Virus, Reliance Industries Ltd share price fall to 900. At current market price it is trading above Rs.1000.

The fact is with every bear market there is an ample of opportunities to buy bluechip share for short mid and long term basis for lumpsum gains. Today my intraday call TCS, DrReddy, Cipla and HDFC Bank went up and my traders booked profit out of it.

By profession I am a Financial Advisor help investors to grow money. Stay tune for more live Financial Market News update.


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