Why Indusind Bank Share is Falling ?

Shareholders of Indusind Bank started getting worried with a drastic share price fall. After Yes Bank extreme fall now there is an extreme fear among the private sector bank.

Before I start discussion, I should tell Hinduja Group is a multi industry company and the Hinduja Group of company is involved in a wide range of activities including foundries, import export, trading, motor vehicles, banking, call centres and healthcare.

Indusind Bank Limited was founded in 1994 under the chairmanship of S.P.Hinduja. He is a business magnet and british billionaire and i think under his leadership bank couldn’t sink unless the NPA rises in the balance sheet.

Now the fact is why Indusind Bank Share is falling at a rapid speed and why it couldn’t hold any point of support levels and why there is a huge share selling in Indusind bank.

As you know due to Corona Virus all the business is getting badly affected. Indian govt declared 21days lockout to prevent spread disease. In the mean time RBI announced a policy of three month moratorium on EMI to help loan payers keeping an eye on 21 days lockout for Corona Virus.

But these policy create a fear among the banks that can they get back the three month due EMIs without any headache. Well in the business it happens we cant help it as per the current scenario. But why there is a crash in nifty index and to some other Stocks. Simply the Corona Virus is the main reason behind the business slowdown among every sectors.

Coming to the point, Indusind Bank focus mainly on commercial vehicle finance due to Corona Virus Auto Sector has shut down their operation and no new commercial finance is taking place at this time. And Global recession fear force shareholder to sell Indusind Bank share in panic. Buying supply is less than selling demand in Indusind Bank LTD stock at this point.

I can say its a healthy correction for new investors to buy fresh share from open market. But bleeding existing portfolio whose holding average price is above Rs.1000. I Could say in stock market always keep a strict stoploss to minimize your loss. To average your high existing price buy indusind bank share at SIP mode to get back your capital atleast from these multiply averaging.

Bull run in stock market will come soon once we get rid of Corona Virus. And Indusind Bank share price will fly high for sure. I would recommend to buy at Current Market Price for higher returns.

Stay tune with us for more live update on Indusind Bank.


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