Yes Bank Share Short Term Target Price

Yes Bank share has plunged 90% from it’s all time high. Share holders of yesbank incurred heavy loss just because of the scams done by the previous management. Due to their own personal benefits Rana Kapoor and Co has destroyed the bank completely. Avoiding the banking norms and lending corporates without scrutinizing the business profile, the balance sheet of bank turn negative.

For which investors in bank and shareholders of yesbank faced financial loss. The situation of the bank has not improved in which bank is unable to pay interest on capital bonds to their respective clients. Then how can one expect yesbank shares for rally. RBI played a good role, putting State Bank of India on stake for yesbank. The reason is that RBI don’t want to break banking stability.

Yesbank share price target

Now the fact is the retail investors who has stuck on yesbank share wants to know the future growth of yesbank. As they are in deep loss and the buying average is too high compare to current market price. And few fresh investors are planning to invest on yesbank but at the same time the black days of yesbank coming in mind.

The penny stocks buying trend is on and I think buying yesbank might give a good returns in coming days. The current management is quite capable to take yesbank to a newer heights. Currently yesbank share trading at Rs.27 and it’s all time high price was RS.400. Incase if any good news come favor of yesbank like NPA recoveries from defaulters might come in track very fast.

It is not advisable to put your whole capital investment on yesbank. For safer side one can go buying with a limited risk which can be bearable. Incase if it goes negative opposite of your investment one should be prepare to bear loss. I could say in stock market a deadly shares can bounce back strong and long. So never ever judge shares by it’s management and market cap. Yesbank share price target couldn’t be predict but the first huddle for yesbank would be RS.100.


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